City of Collegedale

Building & Codes

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Are there any specific landscaping requirements for residential construction?

Are there presently any requirements for residential driveways and sidewalks in Collegedale?

Can an inspection be done to obtain temporary / permanent power on new projects prior to passing all of the required inspections?

Can I construct a shed in my back yard?

Do I have to be a certified tradesperson to work on my own home?

How are inspections scheduled?

How can I determine the zoning for property located in Collegedale?

How can I obtain a building permit?

What are the regulations for yard sale signs in the City of Collegedale?

What are the contractor requirements for performing work in the City of Collegedale?

What codes are presently being enforced in Collegedale?

What is the average plan review turnaround time for a commercial building project?

What work is exempt from a building permit?

When is a building permit required?

Where do I apply for a permit to burn brush in the City of Collegedale?