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Everyday Duties

  • The city manager is the CAO, or chief administrative officer for our city government.
  • The city manager hires, directs, and coordinates the activities of all city employees, departments and services, through the key management staff members.
  • The city manager administers and provides oversight in all areas of government to include budget and finance, contracts, compliance and employment issues, and the vision, strategy, and implementation methods of city services.
  • The city manager reports to and serves at the will of our Board of Commissioners and functions as their appointed full-time executive responsible to lead and manage the operations of the city on a daily basis.
  • The city manager is required to attend the meetings of the commission and participate in the discussions, and make recommendations as needed or requested during the decision making of the Board of Commissioners but has no vote.


City Manager Ted Rogers was appointed by the Board of Commissioners in 2006 to lead the executive branch of city government serving as the CEO of our city on a daily basis. He is a resident of Collegedale and he has been a public servant with various government agencies, both local and federal, his entire career.

Mr. Rogers holds degrees in allied health, education, management, and a Master of Science in Administration and Leadership. He has achieved the professional designation of “Credentialed Manager” as defined by the International City Management Association. He is also a Certified Municipal Finance Officer, CMFO, as awarded by the State Comptroller of the Treasury.  He maintains a distinguished and diverse career in emergency services response, disaster and crisis mitigation, and executive level performance in the administration of governmental services, policy and procedure.

Ted Rogers

Ted Rogers
City Manager
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