City of Collegedale

Beer Permit

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The first step toward selling beer in the City of Collegedale is to come by City Hall and pick up a beer packet and application and speak to the strategic planner to make sure that you meet all of the requirements.  Once that is finished you will fill out all of the paperwork in the packet and pay a $250 application fee and $29 for a background check by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.  If the background check is passed, the beer board will meet for approval of the application.  A yearly beer privilege tax of $100 is due each January 1.  At the time a new application is applied, the applicant will pay a prorated portion of the privilege tax based on the remaining months until the next tax payment date.

The City of Collegedale also allows liquor by the drink in certain areas of the city.  If interested you may speak to the strategic planner to find out if you meet all of the requirements the city has.  If so, you will then need to contact the Beer Board.