City of Collegedale

Common Code Violations

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Below is a list of common code violations:

  • Health and sanitation nuisances
  • High grass and weeds
  • Overgrown and dirty lots
  • Temporary signs placed in Right-Of-Way
  • Unsafe structures
  • Stagnant water
  • Inoperative motor vehicles

The goal of our codes enforcement program is to educate citizens and encourage voluntary compliance. This is often achieved by issuing a violation tag.  A violation tag is not a fine; rather, it is a warning in the form of a tag left at a residence or business where a violation has occurred.  The tag will also include a compliance date.  This is the follow up date used by the Code Enforcement Officer to stop by and verify if the violation(s) has/have been corrected.  In cases where the Code Enforcement Officer does not receive contact from the owner/violator, or when the violation has not been corrected by the compliance date, then a  Notice Of Violation (NOV) may be sent via certified mail.  If sent, this NOV letter would list the code violations that are applicable to the property and/or structure(s) located on the property. 

 It should be noted that failure to remedy the violations by the compliance deadline identified on the tag and/or letter, may result in the Codes Enforcement Officer choosing one of the following courses of action: (1) a citation/ticket where the violator would have to appear before the City Judge for his/her case to be heard, or (2) Administrative Hearing Citation where the violator would have to appear at a hearing before an Administrative Hearing Officer (AHO).  The AHO has the authority to issue a fine of up to $500 per violation.   The type of citation issued is done at the discretion of the code enforcement officer and will depend on the severity of the condition of the property.   

Communication is essential in working toward a solution.

Should you notice any of these violations or other concerns not identified above, please contact our Assistant Code Enforcement Officer:

Jeremy Greenleaf
Assistant Code Enforcement Officer
Office: (423) 468-1906