City of Collegedale

Vision & Goals

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It is the vision of Collegedale to create a community where all residential and commercial properties are maintained in a fashion that emphasizes an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming city.  Our vision also encourages community pride, preserves neighborhood integrity, protects the public health, safety, and welfare and assists  in maintaining and even increasing property values.


The goal of our program is to make Collegedale a safer and cleaner place to live through a cooperative effort.  We strive to encourage voluntary compliance and avoid punitive actions, also known as citations, whenever possible.   A helping hand approach is more successful than the punitive approach as citizens may not be aware that their actions are in violation of city ordinances. Compliance with these ordinances helps to keep our neighborhoods clean, reduce vandalism, deter crime, and maintain or increase property values.

While the focus of our Codes Enforcement program may sound simple, cooperation and support from businesses, property owners, and citizens are necessary to make these goals attainable.