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Short-Term Vacation Rental Registration

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Short Term Vacation Rental Registration

The City of Collegedale recently adopted an ordinance establishing registration and permitting requirements for all short term rentals, an industry that has a growing presence in the City.  A short term rental is described as a dwelling that is rented wholly or partially for a fee for a period of less than thirty (30) continuous days. Short term rentals can provide both economic opportunities and alternative temporary accommodation options for visitors.  Collegedale is one of several cities in Hamilton County to adopt standards for short term rentals based on legislation passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2018.

The new ordinance, now effective, requires property owners to register and apply for a short-term rental unit operation permit.  Initial cost of the permit is $300 and the owner must complete the Short Term Vacation Rental information, and the property must pass an inspection by the City. The inspection helps to assure the unit meets or exceeds codes designed to provide safe lodging to guests.  Each year property owners will be required to renew their permit at an annual fee of $100.

The City of Collegedale will continue sending notification letters to short term rental property owners that will inform them of the ordinance and encourage them to register for their permit.  

For more information on how to register for a short-term rental unit operation permit, contact Britney Hutto at 423-468-1967 or email