City of Collegedale

Courtroom Rules

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General Rules

  • All weapons are prohibited and will be taken at security clearance prior to entering the municipal building.
  • Children are allowed to sit in the courtroom as long as the court proceedings are not disturbed.
  • No food or beverage are allowed.
  • Prior to entering the courtroom, all phones are to be silenced.
  • All juveniles must have a parent or guardian present for their case(s).
Court Dress Code

Business casual is the proper attire. Inappropriate attire will result in you being asked to leave the courtroom, and a new court date will be set.

  • NO Shorts
  • NO Short Dresses / Rompers / Skirts
  • NO Tank tops / Muscles Shirts
  • NO House Shoes / Slippers
  • NO Low Cut Shirts / Blouses
  • NO Hats / Caps
  • NO Sunglasses
  • NO Pajamas
  • NO T-shirts with Obscene Language or Inappropriate Graphics
  • NO Exposed Underwear or Underclothing