City of Collegedale

Courtroom Rules

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General Rules

In order to allow adequate seating in the courtroom for all required attendees including witnesses, victims, interpreters, court reporters, bondsmen, probation services personnel, attorneys, and defendants, our Court proceedings are not open to the general public.  At this time, the Court will allow each defendant to have one additional person with them such as a parent, guardian, or child. Also, parents with children, may bring them in the Court but you may be asked to wait in the lobby if the children become a distraction. This does not apply to officials/employees of the City of Collegedale or any law enforcement officials from any agency.  Members of the press are welcome although the presence of cameras or recording devices are subject to prior approval by the Judge. 

  • All weapons are prohibited and will be taken at security clearance prior to entering the municipal building.
  • No food or beverage are allowed.
  • Prior to entering the courtroom, all phones are to be silenced.
  • All juveniles must have a parent or guardian present for their case(s).
Court Dress Code

Business casual is the proper attire. Inappropriate attire will result in you being asked to leave the courtroom to change clothes and return dressed appropriately.  YOU WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE ATTIRE.  YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEAVE, CHANGE INTO PROPER CLOTHING AND RETURN TO THE COURTROOM

  • NO Shorts
  • NO Short Dresses / Rompers / Skirts
  • NO Tank tops / Muscle Shirts
  • NO Halter Tops or Strapless Tops
  • NO Ripped Shirts or Ripped Jeans
  • NO Athletic or Workout Clothes
  • NO House Shoes / Slippers
  • NO Low Cut Shirts / Blouses
  • NO Hats / Caps
  • NO Sunglasses
  • NO Pajamas
  • NO T-shirts with Obscene Language or Inappropriate Graphics
  • NO Exposed Underwear or Underclothing
  • Pants Must Be Worn at the Waist