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Case Archive

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Find reports for cases heard and decided at the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Design Review Committee in recent years below. Please contact our office for information related to cases prior to 2018.
SUB = Subdivision Plat
DRC = Design Review Committee
ZON = Zoning Request
BZA = Board of Zoning Appeals
MR = Mandatory Referral (per TCA 13-4-104)

SUB2023-09 - Residential Subdivision (Watkins St) 
ZON2023-04 - Residential Collegedale Academy )College Drive E)
ZON2023-03 - Residential (10965 Apison Pike)
ZON2023-02 - Residential Southern Village (University Dr)
SUB2023-07 - Chastain Trails West (Lee Hwy)
SUB2023-06 - Chastain Trail East (Edgmon Rd)
SUB2023-05 - Residential Collegedale Academy (College Drive E) 
SUB2023-04 - Residential Southern Village (University Dr)
SUB2023-03 - Residential (10965 Apison Pike) WITHDRAW
ABN2023-01 - ROW Abandonment (University Dr) 
ZON2023-01 - Commercial (9422 Lee Hwy)
SUB2023-02 - PENDING FINAL PLAT Commercial (Orchard Dr) 
SUB2023-01 - PENDING FINAL PLAT Residential and Commercial (8713 Apison Pike) 

DCR2022-03 - Commercial (Chattanooga Smiles) 
SUB2022-02 - PENDING FINAL PLAT Residential Rezone (Ooltewah Ringgold/Dogwood Estates) 
ZON2022-05 - Residential Rezone (8713 Apison Pike) 
ZON2022-04 - Residential Rezone (8311 Apison Pike) WITHDRAW
ZON2022-03 - Residential PUD (Edgmon RD/Chastain Trails)
ZON2022-02 - Residential Rezone (Edgmon RD/Chastain Trails) 
ZON2022-01 - Residential Rezone (Ooltewah Ringgold/Dogwood Estates) 
SUB2022-01 - Residential (Wellesley Dr)
DRC2022-01 - Commercial (Elementary W)
BZA2022-01 - Residential (Wellesley Dr)
BZA2022-02 - Residential (Wellesley Dr)
BZA2022-03 - Residential (Wellesley Dr)


DRC2021-01 - Residential (Apison Pk)
MR2021-01 - Park (Swinyar Dr)
ZON2021-01 - Residential (Little Debbie Pkwy)
BZA2021-01 - Commercial (Main St)
ZON2021-02 - Mixed-Use (Watkins St)
SUB2021-01 - Residential (Apison Pk)
ZON2021-03 - Residential (Apison Pk)
MR2021-02 - Sewer Easements
BZA2021-02 - Industrial/Commercial (Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd)
MR2021-03 - Real Property Gift (Tallant Rd)
MR2021-04 - Ground Lease (Apison Pk)
DRC2021-02 - Commercial (Apison Pk)
DRC2021-03 - Commercial (Apison Pk)
ZON2021-04 - Residential (Sandy Tr)
ANX2021-01 - Residential (Sandy Tr)
SUB2021-01 - Residential (Hickory Hill Ln)
DRC2021-04 - Industrial/Commercial (Ooltewah-Ringgold Rd)

SUB2020-01 - Residential (Pine St)
BZA2020-01 - Cell Tower (Watkins St)
DRC2020-01 - Medical (Elementary W)
SUB2020-02 - Residential (Tucker Rd)
DRC2020-02 - Church (College Dr E)
DRC2020-03 - Mixed-Use (Main St)
DRC2020-04 - Industrial (Jetrail Dr)
ZON2020-01 - PUD (Sandy Tr) WITHDRAWN
DRC2020-05 - Auto Service (Reagan L)
DRC2020-06 - Storage (Meridian Dr)
ANX2020-01 - Restaurant (Main St)
ZON2020-02 - Residential (Lee Hwy)
ZON2020-03 - Restaurant (Main St)

DRC2019-01 - Medical (Old Lee Hwy)
DRC2019-02 - Residential (Little Debbie Pkwy)
DRC2019-03 - Storage (Apison PK)
ZON2019-01 - Residential (Ooltewah Ringgold Rd)
DRC2019-04 - Medical (Little Debbie Pkwy)
ZON2019-02 - Warehouse (Little Debbie Pkwy)
DRC2019-06 - Residential (Swinyar Drive)
ZON2019-04 - Commercial (Main St/Watkins St)
ZON2019-05 - Residential (Tallant Rd)
BZA2019-01 - Medical (Old Lee Hwy)
DRC2019-07 - Warehouse (Jac Cate Rd)
BZA2019-02 - Residential (University Dr)
BZA2019-03 - Bank (Little Debbie Pkwy)
ZON2019-02a - Industrial (Jetrail Dr)
BZA2019-04 - Residential (University Dr)

BZA2018-01 - Auto Fuel (Little Debbie Pkwy)
DRC2018-01 - Restaurant (Old Lee Hwy)
DRC2018-02 - Medical (Little Debbie Pkwy)
ZON2018-01 - Storage (Watkins St)
ZON2018-02 - Office Building (Lumber Lane)
BZA2018-02 - Commercial (Old Lee Hwy)
DRC2018-03 - Office/Warehouse (Jac Cate Rd)
SUB2018-01 - Residential (Ooltewah Ringgold Rd)
ZON2018-03 - Business (Ooltewah Ringgold Rd)
ZON2018-04 - Auto Repair (Lee Hwy)
DRC2018-04 - Animal Hospital (Lee Hwy)
ZON2018-05 - Residential (Spalding Dr)
BZA2018-03 - Sign Shop, Mini Storage (Jac Cate Rd)
DRC2018-05 - Bank (Old Lee Hwy)
DRC2018-06 - Bank (Little Debbie Pkwy)
ZON2018-06 - Residential (Ooltewah Ringgold Rd)