City of Collegedale

Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program Grant Project

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The TAEP (Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program) grant fund for community tree planting is provided by the State Legislature to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The community tree planting component of TAEP will be administered by the Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry. The goal of TAEP community tree planting grant is to increase the tree resource base in cities and towns across the state of Tennessee. Trees are work horses for our communities, providing energy savings through shading, storm water mitigation, rain interception, and air quality improvement through filtration and absorption. These are direct cost saving benefits to communities. 

The City of Collegedale originally planned to apply for the grant with the intention of adding more trees to the city’s tree canopy but after the tornado hit our city in April of 2020, our focus quickly shifted toward tree replacement. Shortly after the event, the Planning department assessed the damage and found almost 60 trees damaged by the storm. The city's application for the grant included 58 trees of carefully selected species to ensure that they would do well given their individual location (regular flooding, sun exposure etc.).  The Department of Agriculture accepted our application earlier this summer and we are anticipating to plant trees in the month of December. 

April 12, 2020 Tornado Damage 
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City Hall

The Grove

Veterans Park

Greenway and Field

Duck Pond

Public Works and Soccer Field
Citizen Oversight Committee
To help ensure that State tax dollars are spent effectively and efficiently, each grantee is required to appoint at least 3 members of the community to the citizen oversight committee. The Collegedale TAEP Grant Committee Members are:
- Ruthie Gray (Chair of the Planning Commission),
- David Barto (Director of the Collegedale Tomorrow Foundation),
- Johnnie Hoskins (Tri-Community Fire Department), and
- Jared Odell (Environmental Consultant).
Our office is very appreciative of their time and effort to help us with the execution of this project. 

Planting Events
The Planning and Economic Development Department will be hosting small scale planting events with groups from our community. These groups include local Girl Scout Troops, Eco Explorers, the 55+ Club and a small group of Greenbiar Cove residents.
These events are made possible by a collaborative effort of several City departments. Our City Engineer assisted with the identification of the most suitable locations for the trees; the Parks & Recreation Department played an essential role in engaging with group leaders and faciliation of the individual events; and the Public Works Department will dig out tree pits and provide mulch.
We thank all of our city staff and most importantly our wonderful volunteer groups for participating in the planting events. We will share photos of the events as they take place.