City of Collegedale

Patrol Division

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Protecting the Public

The Patrol Division operates with the use of four uniformed shifts that serve the public by utilizing a continuous 12-hour shift model. These officers are often the first contact the public has with our agency. Answering all calls for service, assisting citizens in need, and making traffic stops, these officers are dedicated to not only providing help in a citizen’s time of need, but also in taking a very proactive approach in preventing crime within our city.

Patrol officers make themselves available during school hours, to patrol not only the streets of Collegedale, but also the hallways of all of the schools, to ensure the safety of our children. Among their everyday duties of routine patrol and as part of the community relations aspect, officers are routinely asked to speak or be present at various school and community functions.

Traffic enforcement is a portion of patrol’s duties. Among traffic enforcement are routine calls for police assistance, in which all patrol shifts answer with diligence.

Patrol officers are responsible for providing security for all our local businesses, as well as the well-being of all citizens, day and night. At any given time, you may find an officer checking business doors and windows, as well as special patrols of local neighborhoods. The duty of all our officers is to provide a sense of security for our citizens as they navigate through their day or while their families lie down for the night.