City of Collegedale

Support Services Division

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The Support Services Division consists of several units that support the primary patrol function of this agency. These entities exist to supplement the patrol officers as they fulfill their roles as our agency’s first responders.

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations office follows up with all criminal offense reports forwarded by the Patrol Division and its members are subject to be called into work on a weekly rotating 24-hour schedule. Felony or misdemeanor, these detectives are responsible for investigating the alleged crimes committed and bringing the offenders to justice.

Also within the scope of this office’s duties are illegal narcotic investigations. If need be, these detectives are equipped to perform their duties undercover and under the cloak of secrecy in order to effect the arrest of drug offenders.

Fugitive apprehension also falls under the responsibility of Criminal Investigations. The detectives are in charge of searching out and arresting any fugitives of the City of Collegedale.

Reserve Officer Program

These men and women serve as augmentees for our full-time police force. Serving without pay and on their own volunteered time, these men and women give freely of themselves for the safety and welfare of this community and their brothers and sisters that serve on full-time status.

The reserve officers are utilized for large public events, such as parades, the city’s annual Easter egg hunt, and other big events. Reserve officers are fully integrated within the department and serve as patrol officers, instructors, motor officers, and in many other collateral duties.

Reserve officers are required to complete a rigorous Reserve Academy at the police department before being allowed into the program. Once all state and agency requirements are met reserve officers are fully commissioned officers.

K9 Unit

Our K9 units are patrol and narcotics trained. The K9 unit’s skills may include narcotics detection and short distance tracking. The canine and officer must complete an annual certification, as well as carry out continual training exercises in order to retain their abilities and certifications.

School Resource Officer (SRO)

The SRO assists the school administration with maintaining a safe and secure environment for students and staff.

SROs investigate suspected crimes, reports findings, and makes arrests as needed. They also remove trespassers from the campus, and direct or control school traffic.

These officers function as the face of the agency for the young people in our community and look for opportunities to mentor and build young minds for the better.


Officers assigned to work in Traffic are responsible for providing a necessary measure of safety for those that travel on our city streets, as well as support for the on-duty patrol shift as needed.

Through coordinated traffic enforcement operations our traffic officers not only respond to traffic violations, but also serve a 24-hour on-call schedule for all crashes that may involve serious injuries and/or fatalities.