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Collegedale Police Announce New Mission Statement Affirming Commitment to Community and Transparency

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COLLEGEDALE, TN – The Collegedale Police Department announced today that the Chief’s Round Table Advisory Committee has approved a change to its formal mission statement and core values.

The department’s mission is now “The pursuit of justice through community partnership, personal accountability, transparent policing practices, and the defense of personal rights as granted by The Constitution of the United States and the State of Tennessee.”
The department’s new core values are: Courage, Dedication, Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Duty, Excellence or “C.D. P.R.I.D.E.”

This new mission statement and department values refocuses the Collegedale Police Department with a new purpose better suited for a modern world and the vision of Chief Jack Sapp. His vision of transparency for the purpose of building public trust have been a foundational cornerstone of his administration.

The Round Table Advisory Committee, consisting of officer representatives as well as civilian community members, was one of the agency’s first steps forward in rebuilding a partnership with the community, and was the deciding body that built the new mission statement and values that Chief Sapp officially signed into policy.

The committee also submitted ideas for a new motto for the department. The new agency motto is now “Service before self.”

“Consistent transparent accountability and holding ourselves to the standard of being servant leaders is exactly the kind of department we are working to create,” said Chief Sapp “and this new mission statement says simply that we will expect nothing less from ourselves or our fellow officers.”

The agency’s new mission statement replaces one that had been in effect for the past two decades. With this new change, the Collegedale Police Department takes a bold step forward reminding the public and themselves that police officers are guardians first and vested members of a larger community partnership.