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City of Collegedale Launches Community Survey

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The City of Collegedale is pleased to announce the launch of the Collegedale Community Survey in early January.

The City is partnering with independent consultant Polco to administer the survey which includes questions about quality of life, important characteristics of the community, and services provided by the City of Collegedale. The instrument, known as the National Community Survey™, is a cost-effective survey of resident opinion and an important benchmarking tool that allows for comparison among communities. Communities using the NCS have reported that the tool improved service delivery, strengthened communications with community stakeholders and helped leaders identify clear priorities for use in strategic planning and budget setting.  The survey is available both in English and Spanish.

"On behalf of the Commissioners and as your Mayor, I encourage you to complete the survey. As we make future plans for the city, your input and insights will enable us to improve services and ensure your tax dollars are wisely spent,” said Collegedale Mayor Katie Lamb.

The survey will be administered in two phases. In the first phase, beginning on January 7, postcards will be mailed to randomly selected households to alert residents that they have been selected to participate. Among these households, a random selection will receive paper surveys and others will receive invitations to take the survey online. Links to respond to the survey online will be included in every mailing, including the paper survey packets. 

In phase two, starting on February 11, all residents who were not selected as part of the random sample group will be able to complete the survey by visiting the Polco online platform via the link posted on City social media pages and on the survey webpage.

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Anyone wanting more information or needing general assistance may call the survey administrator at the specially dedicated phone number listed below. Access to devices and the internet is available at the Collegedale Library. Simply stop by the library Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm or Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

“This survey kicks off our long-term strategic planning initiative, so we believe the most appropriate path is to begin with an assessment of resident’s opinions and priorities. Following the community survey, we plan to continue to use the Polco online platform to conduct quick and easy follow-up surveys to get more detailed insights on related matters.  We are excited to hear our residents’ thoughts and opinions!” added Collegedale City Manager Wayon Hines.

The final deadline to submit responses is February 25 for both, randomly selected residents who received the mailers, and participants of the open participation survey online.

For questions about the survey, please contact Kirsten Ert at or call 423-206-9598.