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Collegedale K9 Program Growing

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Collegedale, TN – The Collegedale Police Department is proud to introduce the latest addition to our K9 program. Officer Krino, a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois, came to us after serving honorably with the McMinn County Sheriff’s Office.

His partner is someone he already knows very well.

Officer Saxe was Krino’s partner in McMinn County and has been since February 2020. Saxe, an accomplished Drug Recognition Expert and certified police K9 handler, was hired by the City of Collegedale in August 2022. To avoid breaking up the team, McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy offered to sell Krino to the City of Collegedale after Officer Saxe had made his move.

Krino, badge number 328, is trained in narcotics detection and is currently working to receive his certification in human tracking. He is also bilingual, fluent in English and German.

Originally utilized as herding dogs, the Malinois breed is a working dog. They have a good balance of lean muscle and high energy. They are very loyal to the people they love, which perfectly describes Krino.

“He likes following me around the house to see what I’m doing,” said Officer Saxe. “He’s very nosey. When I’m sitting on the couch or trying to relax, he wants my attention and when I don’t give it to him, he lays beside me and pouts until I do.”

Krino loves to play and meet new people. His tennis ball, having his belly rubbed, and playing outside are among his most loved things. His favorite holidays are his birthday and Halloween, because he gets to dress up in fantastic costumes.

Officer Saxe and Krino are the second police K9 team added to the Collegedale Police Department this year. The K9 program was revived in September after being on hiatus for several years.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Chattanooga Police Department and the McMinn County Sheriff’s Office whose support and partnership have been of immense value.