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Collegedale Police Participate in School Intruder Drill

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Collegedale, TN – On Thursday, March 30, Chief Jack Sapp and members of the Collegedale Police Department, in conjunction with the administration of Wolftever Creek Elementary School and the Hamilton County School Security Officer program, participated in an intruder drill at the elementary school located behind Ooltewah Middle School.

An action plan designed to train the faculty and students how to respond in the event of an active shooter on school grounds, this has become the world we live in. Now among the fire drills and tornado drills, many schools across the country are including security drills in their overall safety plans.

“School safety has been one of my administration’s top priorities, just as it continues to be for Wolftever Creek Elementary and the rest of our Collegedale schools,” said Chief Jack Sapp.

According to the Washington Post there have already been 17 school shootings in the first three months of 2023; including the most recent at a Nashville school earlier this week. USA Today reported in January that there had been 50 school shootings that resulted in death or injury during the previous year.

“I am proud of our officers who train to respond to the unimaginable and I’m proud of the schools who take initiatives such as these to protect our children” stated Chief Sapp. “If you are affiliated with any of the 6 schools we host inside our city limits, I implore you to make these drills a necessary addition to your school’s safety plan. Invite us to be a part of that discussion, that training, that plan. When the unthinkable happens we’ll be the first ones there to stop the threat and keep your children safe.”

The City of Collegedale is the home of two Hamilton County public schools, four private schools, and one full time day care, which include two elementary and middle schools, one high school, and one university.