City of Collegedale

New Police K9 in Collegedale

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Collegedale, TN – The newest addition to the Collegedale Police Department K9 program is an 81-pound Belgian Malinois from Hungary. His name is Maxim, and he turns two years old in January.

Maxim’s partner is Officer Shawn Lewis.

The new team completed a 4-week police canine course at Southern Coast K9 in New Smyrna, Florida, consisting of 160 intensive training hours. Their graduation was last week, and since then, Maxim has already worked one shift. 

Maxim, badge number 335, is certified in narcotics detection and tracking.

The Malinois, or Belgian Shepherd dog, is historically a herding dog and protector of farm and family. Often mistaken for the German Shepherd breed, Malinois are leaner and more energetic. They are very loyal and eager to please, a trait that suits them perfectly as police and military K9s.

“I’ve always wanted to be a canine handler,” shared Officer Lewis. “Maxim and I are extremely grateful for this opportunity to serve the citizens of Collegedale.”