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Collegedale Police Create Advisory Committee

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COLLEGEDALE, TN - A little over a month into his appointment as Collegedale’s Chief of Police, Jack Sapp is already starting to make good on his 10 year strategy for his department. Sapp came onto the job promising to create positive changes in an agency that has weathered public scrutiny and an unexpected administration change within the past few years.
Chief Sapp’s vision is to lead a transparent agency, and a big part of that vision has been to create advisory committees to keep his administration informed. He laid out his plan as soon as he was named Collegedale’s top cop.
The Round-Table Advisory Committee, the first of its kind for the police department, is a board created to discuss department and community issues and reach agreements using an open and honest group-based decision model. It is the agency’s hope that this board will improve department transparency not only for the officers, but also for the citizens they serve.
The committee will include members of the police department as well as members of the public and the city commission. Board participants are expected to serve for a specified amount of time to allow other officers, commissioners, and community members to have an opportunity to have a seat at the table.
“This committee will allow for the valued concerns of the public we serve to be shared, and it will also give every officer an opportunity to take ownership in the future of this department” Chief Sapp stated. “I expect this committee to have a positive influence on our agency.”