City of Collegedale

Brush Pick Up

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How to Get Your Brush Collected

  • Brush shall not be placed out for prior to the weekend before the date of collection (City Code Title 17-109)
  • City brush services are for tree trimming, not tree cutting or removal. Private arrangements must be made for disposal of major tree cutting and lot clearing
  • City residents should bag all yard leaves and grass clippings and place the bags at edge of their street in biodegradable bags (paper or plastic biodegradable bags are fine).  An online source for biodegradable bags can be found at
  • Collection is limited to one pickup truck load per month / per household (City Code Title 17-110)
  • Do not park cars on or around the leaf bags or brush pile
  • Do not pile near mailboxes, fire hydrants, road signs, or underneath low hanging power lines
  • Maximum 8 feet in length
  • No stumps or roots mixed with dirt
  • No constructions materials or debris.
  • Nothing larger then 9 inches in diameter
  • Violations of this chapter can be subject to a Notice of Violation from the building and codes department and if not corrected the offender can be sighted to Administrative Hearing, which could result in a fine up to a $500.