City of Collegedale

Sanitation Schedule

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Did you know that the average household discards some 10,000 items a year with a total weight of over 1,500 pounds?


The Collegedale Sanitation Department provides residential households with free and efficient waste collection and disposal. Services include weekly garbage collection, monthly brush collection, and monthly large trash collection. The Sanitation Department also proudly supports cleanup efforts in our community, and helps facility the recycle program for the City.

Staff Commitment

Collegedale's Sanitation Department enthusiastically tackles your trash, brush, and bulk item collection needs while working hard to provide the quality of service you deserve. Our Sanitation team has a voice in all levels of decision making and take personal pride through ownership of the services they provide, with a a dedication to top-quality service.

Garbage Collection Regulations

The City provides weekly garbage collection  services for residents. The city utilizes automated garbage trucks instead of two-man rear loader trucks. These automated trucks are more efficient, and provide a safer work environment for our Sanitation Employees.  There will no longer be an employee on the back of the truck to move the carts, or pick up trash outside of the can. Residents will need to follow the regulations below and place the carts in the proper location to have their carts serviced.


  • The garbage carts are the property of the City of Collegedale. The garbage carts are assigned to each address that has a single-family residence or larger on it.  If a resident moves, they must leave the cart at the residence.
  • Garbage carts MUST be placed at the street by 6:30 am and be removed from the street by the end of the day.
  • Garbage carts MUST to be placed at the edge of the street, facing the street (wheel need to be toward the house), and placed inside the white painted square (if applicable).
  • Garbage carts MUST be spaced at least 4ft apart, and 4ft away from any objects (mail box, sign or power pole, parked car, etc.
  • The weekly pickup is for household garbage only. No brush, yard waste, building materials or hazardous waste except for sharps which MUST be in proper disposal containers. Building materials: wood, metal, paint, sheetrock, tile, roofing shingles, etc.
  • All garbage MUST be placed inside the city container for pickup. The city will not pick up garbage out side of the provided container. Garbage cart lids MUST be closed entirely and nothing protruding out of the container.
  • All trash should be bagged. When it is not bagged, it could cause a mess on the roadways and we are NOT responsible for litter on the roadways.

One additional garbage cart per household is allowed for a one-time fee of $95. The extra garbage cart is the property of the city. The city encourages recycling as opposed to getting an extra cart. For an extra cart please contact Jamie Bialeschki at Public Works 423.468.1981 or at