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What information must accompany an application?
  • Rezoning Application: In addition to the information contained on the application form the applicant must submit a site plan (for commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential request), a deed, survey, or recorded plat showing the acreage of the property to be rezoned, and a check, cash, or money order in an amount specified in the City of Collegedale Development Fee Schedule.
  • Special Exception Permits: In addition to the completed application form, the applicant must submit a copy of the recorded deed of the property and/or a plat depicting the affected property. In addition, applications for the PRD and PCD overlays must include a general site plan. Check, cash, or money order in the amount specified on the last page of this booklet is required to process the application.

Additional information may be required as a part of the application or hearing process.

Zoning & Subdivision

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3. What information must accompany an application?
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