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Aircraft Maintenance
If your aircraft has need of airframe or power plant repair, there is a qualified mechanic here on the field that can address any issues that you may have, from routine maintenance to major repairs.

Flight Planning / Pilots Lounge

For your convenience we offer free of charge a computer for filing flight plans or checking on vital weather information. If you have your own laptop or tablet there is also free WiFi. There is a conference room / pilot lounge that is available for meetings or if you just need a place to relax. There are also vending machines if you need a quick snack or a cold soft drink.

We are a Shell Aviation branded dealer with full-service Avgas and Jet-A (over wing only) available during our normal business hours. An automated credit card terminal provides 24-hour self-service Avgas. After hours service can be provided upon request. Call out fees may apply. Visit AirNav or GlobalAir to see our current fuel prices.

Crew Car

Maybe your meeting is not held here in the airport’s facilities or you would like to go into town for lunch. For far less than the cost of a rental car or cab fare you can have access to our crew car. The car may not be kept overnight however we would be glad to use it to take you to your hotel.

Training / Certification
Our little airport offers a relaxing environment that is perfect for beginners or experienced pilots alike. Unique terrain features and the laid back atmosphere of a non-towered airport make Collegedale an excellent place to learn to fly or to stay current. Contact us to find out more about what training options might work for you.

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